A redefined tabletop experience
with unparalleled flexibility


The bartenders best resource


A tool equally powerful at the
corporate level


Bandura Solutions magnifies your food menus with customer strategy to deliver a unique branded media network. A network that entertains, informs and engages your customers like never before.

The Tabletop Experience

Bandura redefines the tabletop experience by creating menu systems with unparalleled control and customization. Bandura works with Restaurants to tailor experiences that strategically engage customers with a balance of menu choices, entertainment and advertising. We understand that no two restaurants are exactly alike and neither are their customers. Demographics, location specific buying trends and corporate initiatives all come into play when creating Bandura table top devices.

A Hardware Agnostic Approach

Bandura creates menu solutions that operate on multiple platforms and devices. This gives restaurants the power to choose a delivery vehicle as unique as the brand they have invested so heavily in.

Customer User Data and Analytics

The application of Bandura Solutions technology and software adds an additional critical layer of data and information management to your business. Our systems provide opportunities to track critical consumer habits and the ability to create customer specific data profiles.

Multi Purpose Deployment

Bandura doesn’t believe that a device should have its capabilities narrowed to fit one facit of your business model. We believe capabilities should be focused to maximize the effectiveness of all your business’s moving parts. Let us show you how our tabletop devices can service needs across various corporate departments.

Unparalleled Flexibility

Bandura’s Content Management solution allows for push button menu updates. Price changes, menu descriptions, and even the navigation itself can be easily modified, allowing restaurants to keep up with the ever changing demands of clients, inventory, regional and economic factors.

Fully Customizable Experience

Bandura menu solutions allow restaurants complete control over the customer experience. Gaming, Child activities, sporting sites can all be made available to customers or none at all. Table turn times affect profitability just as strongly as tickets sales, Bandura’s solution gives restaurants that control.

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